Hill Canyon Treatment Plant Retaining Walls

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Preliminary Design

Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

Bid Phase Support

City of Thousand Oaks

The City of Thousand Oaks retained m6 Consulting Inc. to provide consulting and engineering services for the Hill Canyon Treatment Plant (HCTP) existing retaining walls replacement and improvements project. The project will replace approximately 650 linear feet of existing retaining walls that are non-uniform in construction and failing in several locations. The southeast border of the plant contains sections with no retaining walls, walls comprising of metal posts and stacked pressure treated lumber battens, and walls consisting of reinforced masonry units. The retained slope in several areas is overtopping the walls causing security fences to act as debris barriers, and this additional loading is causing several wall sections to fail. Added difficulty for retaining wall replacement includes confined construction restrictions such as existing buildings and equipment within close proximity to the existing walls as well as above ground and underground utilities adjacent to the walls. Lastly, steep sloping conditions and limited access to the walls create additional challenges to the retaining wall replacement.

m6 created a preliminary design report which summarized the existing conditions, identified and evaluated alternatives for retaining wall improvement, provided recommendations for the preferred alternatives and provided a rough order of magnitude cost estimate. The recommended design alternative identified in the PDR was taken forward to final design. m6 performed all civil and structural engineering work to prepare PS&E for the project. The design phase of the project was recently completed and m6 is currently providing bid phase support services and will provide construction phase support services for the project.